Alex Ulichny crafts a story with each collection with an avant-garde approach to creating clothing. Bringing magic into reality, he sees beauty in imperfection, pairing craftsmanship and innovation with technique and material. Forgotten processes meld with other art forms and couture sewing resulting in garments for a conceptual world.

Alex collaborates with a cult following of stylists, photographers, textile designers, and studio artists.
His work has been featured in ASVOF, Belmodo, Daily Mail, E!, Elle Korea, Financial Times, Free Magazine, Huffington Post, Hunger Magazine, Institute Magazine, International Business Times, Models.com, Morfae, MTV, Muuse, NPR, NY Daily News, OK-Magazine.de, Puretrend, TUSH Magazine, Visionaire.com, and Vogue Ukraine.



Photography: Mary Fix, Model: Tali Savi, Stylist: Kellyn Lappinga, Makeup: Ayaka Nihei, Hair: Yuhei Nerome of Nero Hair, Photo Assistant: Adhat Campos, Styling Assistant: Emily Barta, Macrame: Noël Morical, Print Design: Audrey Victoria Keiffer and Kristi O’Meara of The Patternbase, Studio Manager: Kellyn Lappinga, Special Thanks: Susan Barnes, Adam Brooks, Suzi Knapp-Burseth


Stylist: Kellyn Lappinga, Photography: Mary Fix, Production Coordinator: Mary Fix, Model: Ulla- Silent Models NYC, Digital Tech: Kyle Lacy, Photo Assistant: Andrea Castanon, Production Assistant: Alistair Matthews, Hair Stylist: Shante Price, Makeup Artist: De’Von Kearney, Post Production: Faisal Mohammed, Kyle Lacy, Special Thanks: Blow PR, Fast Ashleys Studios, Silent Models NYC, Logan Lasers, Susan Barnes, Adam Brooks


Stylist: Kellyn June, Photography: Sam Bynens, Hair and Makeup: Amber Morrow, Model 1: Kayla Kruse- Boss Models, Model 2: Alysha Triantafillou- Wilhelmina Models, Studio Assistant: PaKou Vang Assistant, Production Assistant: Neeka Jackson, Styling Contributor: Schuanne Cappel, Location: Dock Light Studios- Brooklyn, Special Thanks: Susan Barnes, Adam Brooks, Allison Chase Antonio & David